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1897 - Present

John Diack was the man who proposed the “Northern Golf Club” as the name in preference to “The  Aberdeen Comb Works Golf Club”. He was a founder member and served as Secretary and Captain. At the first general meeting on December 21st ,1897 was held in Odd fellows Hall in Crooked Lane. A leading Item on the agenda was the purchase of premises for a clubhouse in Urquhart Road.The seeds of the Northern Golf Club were sown at a very low key meeting of 14 employees of the Aberdeen Comb Works in 1895.  

They were all keen golfers and decided the would like to play their favourite game in a more organised way than previous. It was agreed to pay 3 pence a week to cover the cost of organising the games and prices.Two years later, in the spring of 1897 another meeting was called with a much larger turn out. It was agreed that a club would be formed and officials were appointed with the aim of playing golf in a more organised way, and the rules of the day. At that meeting John Diack (pictured left) recommended the name “Northern Golf Club”,but an amendment was put forward that it be “Aberdeen Comb Works Golf Club”. There was no record of the actual vote,but it was believed to be a close run vote.

At that same meeting, rules were drawn up - one of them being that “One outside be allowed membership  for every two comb workers. Contact was made with other links clubs of the day, Bon Accord and Victoria, notifying them of the establishment of the Northern and requesting a place on the Greens committee,

The Northern was up and running and,as the say “The rest is History”.

History of the Northern

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